News from the Kern Lab

The Lanthanide Project is published!

Renee Otten
09 March 2022

The paper “Structure determination of high-energy states in a dynamic protein ensemble” that describes methodology to combine pseudo contacts shifts and CPMG relaxation dispersion experiments to determine high-energy protein structures has appeared in Nature.

Congratulations to first-author John Stiller and everyone else involved on a great story. The project was a collaboration with Doug Theobald at Brandeis University and Daniel Häussinger’s lab at the University of Basel, Switzerland.

Click on this link for the full article and/or read the Research Briefing: ‘Determining the structure of fleeting protein states’.

New Graduate Student - Welcome Christiana!

Renee Otten
28 May 2021

Christiana Ntangka joins the lab as a graduate studentin the Biochemistry & Biophysics (BCPB) program. Welcome to the Kern-Lab-Family!

Congratulations Joseph!

Renee Otten
25 May 2021

Joseph graduated last weekend with a BS in Biology and Biochemistry and a MS in Biology. He finished his research project in the Kern lab with an excellent thesis talk and we are sure he is fully prepared for his next step as a graduate student.

Congratulations, enjoy your break, and good luck in your PhD journey!

How directed evolution reshapes the energy landscape in an enzyme to boost catalysis

Renee Otten
23 November 2020

Our paper entitled “How directed evolution reshapes the energy landscape in an enzyme to boost catalysis” has appeared ahead of print on the Science website. In collaboration with the Hilvert lab @ ETH Zurich, we show the molecular origins of how directed evolution resulted in the fastest Kemp eliminase to-date. Congratulations to all involved!

Welcome Zach!

Renee Otten
19 October 2020

Zachary Boswell started as a postdoctoral fellow after graduating from Texas Tech University. Welcome to the Kern Lab!