News from the Kern Lab

New Kern Lab Publication

Renee Otten
24 June 2019

Congratulations to shared first-authors John Stiller and Jordan Kerns (and all others involved) with their publication entitled Probing the Transition State in Enzyme Catalysis by High-Pressure NMR Dynamics. Available today, ahead of print, at the website of Nature Catalysis - unfortunately Brandeis University does not provide access to this masterpieceā€¦..

New Lab Website

Renee Otten
01 June 2019

Thanks to the Fraser Lab for all their hard work writing code to make an awesome website. We just blatantly took all of it (of course with permission from James and in accordance with the MIT license) and adapted it to our needs.

MacKenzie and Andrew join the lab

Renee Otten
20 May 2019

MacKenzie Patterson and Andrew Glaser, students in the Biochemistry & Biophysics (BCPB) program, decided both to join the lab after a succesful rotation project. Welcome to the Kern-lab-family!